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We no longer buy govt. service, we serve

Wednesday, 24. October 2012 5:19 | Author:

In my lifetime the taxpayer has become the server rather than the purchaser of government service.  Tax and fee collection have become so institutionalized that we have lost control and our political leaders no longer represent our interests, they have become so professionalized as receivers of public funds, our interest has become secondary to theirs.

What’s to be done:   Campaign limits, term limits, initiative action – all been tried.  The real fix is to get young people involved in this process.  I think we need young creative people participating at the local and state level, somehow we must empower youth to mount this revolution needed to reverse this trend toward bureaucracy.

I think there is more than enough tax being collected now.  Publicly funded programs  must be re-prioritized; we spend far too much on defense – cut the pentagon’s budget in 1/2 and we will still outspend the rest of the world combined!    How often do I even see a federal employee in Salem?  Rarely. I don’t think we’re getting our money’s worth from the federal government and the farther down the level of government service you go, it seems the less competent the work.   The other day I read a request for proposal for the City to find a contractor to manage City projects:  I think it’s the Pentagon model of getting so far from the work, collect the tax and create the bureau and contract out the work.

We have too much government doing too many things for us, too much regulation and too many laws.  If  I get to the Legislature I want to propose a bill that requires 2 laws or regulations are eliminated from the books for every new law or regulation proposed.   Sounds kind of simple and a little crazy but it’s nothing compared to what we are doing – paralyzing ourselves with regulation and regulators.

Daily we read of painful cuts in school funding.   How often do we read of painful cuts in federal programs, bureaus, and budgets?   Rarely.

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