Pattern of US Foreign Policy

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In the “Storm Clouds Gathering” video (link at the bottom) “The Covert Origins of ISIS”, they talk about the equipment the US or NATO left behind – a breach of military strategy – if you leave it, destroy it.

This reminded me of a story told by L. Fletcher Prouty: On Okinawa the day after the Japanese surrender and he was talking with the Port Commander, ask him what they were going to do with all this equipment and materiel, the 4 square mile island was stacked 30′ high preparing for the invasion of Japan. “Sending it to Hawaii or California?’ “No, 1/2 going to Seoul and the other 1/2 going to Hanoi.” “What, why are they sending this stuff to those cities?” “No idea – those are the orders, just got em this morning.”. Couple years later: Korean War. And when the French began trying to reassert their colonial position they were a little surprised at all this new equipment being shot at them by Ho Chi Men. Ho defeats the French and General Lansdale and the CIA show up in South Vietnam in 1954, Bell Helicopter, etc. contracts, Da Nang landing in 1965, 58,000 US troops dead and approximately 2,000,000 South East Asians dead.

Notice a pattern?

Prouty was the Air Force liaison to the CIA for 9 years, had his office 2 doors from the Secretary of Defense. An Army pilot in WWII. He wrote “The Secret Team” which was surreptitiously removed from the Library of Congress along with the card catalog and all records of the book – you wonder who has the power to remove a book from the Library of Congress? He also wrote ‘JFK’ – a very good history of Vietnam and the JFK killing, the Oliver Stone movie was based on this book.

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War – 2014

Sunday, 31. August 2014 20:27 | Author:

As we watch the killing of civilians in Gaza I wonder where this newest theater of war leads?
In my grand father’s war women and children were not attacked. In my father’s war, civilians were not targets until the end when the firestorms and the A-bomb were used, and we discovered the Nazis had been killing civilians as state policy since 1937. In my war we had “body counts” and “mere gooks” which allowed the indiscriminate killing of women and children. In today’s American wars, 80% of the casualties are women and children. Israel now attacks schools and hospitals as policy, the US did the same in Iraq to “enhance demoralizing the enemy”, we accept torture, children as weapons and shields, killing children as state policy for punishing the other side.
The depravity of these behaviors will continue – but sweet Jesus! Where do you go from here? 22 US military commit suicide every day – EVERY DAY as a direct result of this kind of war. I don’t think you can ever sleep well again after you’ve fragmented a child with a machine gun.
I think it is time we give the war making powers to those who kill and risk being killed and remove political figures, administrators, bankers, and military commanders, completely from the war making decision. A thorough house cleaning is due – we cannot get any lower than this – can we?
Is it possible to make a complete break from our past and save these children? Do we have anything better to do?

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