Corporate Ethic

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When World War 1 began the corporate entity was a little more than 2 decades old. In a very short time the Boards and Directors learned how quickly money could be made from war production. In the final months of that war the American taxpayer purchased $35 million dollars worth of saddles.

Germany’s re-armament began in 1922 and was financed with American loans and I would no be surprised if we are still paying interest on those loans.

When WW 2 ended on Sept. 2, 1945, all the war materiel piled 30′ high on the 4 sq. mile Island of Okinawa the orders came from the Pentagon to ship 50% of those weapons and supplies to Seoul and 50% to Hanoi. No one knew why, but the orders were followed and in a short time we were in the Korean War. A few years later the French were a little surprised at all this new equipment Ho Chi Men was shooting at them.

This story is from L. Fletcher Prouty’s history of Vietnam.

Today, America is at war in Afghanistan for our 14th year, Iraq since 1991, bombing Syria, crossing international borders at will, using torture, 80% of the casualties are women and children. We have killed millions of innocent people in these last 100 years of war. Under the banner of freeing the world from fascist militarists we have continued to create enemies to enhance our own military empire.

We have gone from World Wars to containment wars to Cold Wars to Wars on Crime and Drugs and now a War of Terror waged on the entire world. Like the “Crossing of the Rubicon”, the militarization of America is now 13 years in progress and corporate profit appears to be the only motivation.

Bringing Freedom and Democracy is a hallow promise when we look at the fracking debacle going on in America – the destruction of the groundwater – is proceeding for profit without debate or discussion or question from our media; they are bought and have become part of this immoral quest for profit.

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Pattern of US Foreign Policy

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In the “Storm Clouds Gathering” video (link at the bottom) “The Covert Origins of ISIS”, they talk about the equipment the US or NATO left behind – a breach of military strategy – if you leave it, destroy it.

This reminded me of a story told by L. Fletcher Prouty: On Okinawa the day after the Japanese surrender and he was talking with the Port Commander, ask him what they were going to do with all this equipment and materiel, the 4 square mile island was stacked 30′ high preparing for the invasion of Japan. “Sending it to Hawaii or California?’ “No, 1/2 going to Seoul and the other 1/2 going to Hanoi.” “What, why are they sending this stuff to those cities?” “No idea – those are the orders, just got em this morning.”. Couple years later: Korean War. And when the French began trying to reassert their colonial position they were a little surprised at all this new equipment being shot at them by Ho Chi Men. Ho defeats the French and General Lansdale and the CIA show up in South Vietnam in 1954, Bell Helicopter, etc. contracts, Da Nang landing in 1965, 58,000 US troops dead and approximately 2,000,000 South East Asians dead.

Notice a pattern?

Prouty was the Air Force liaison to the CIA for 9 years, had his office 2 doors from the Secretary of Defense. An Army pilot in WWII. He wrote “The Secret Team” which was surreptitiously removed from the Library of Congress along with the card catalog and all records of the book – you wonder who has the power to remove a book from the Library of Congress? He also wrote ‘JFK’ – a very good history of Vietnam and the JFK killing, the Oliver Stone movie was based on this book.

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